Panchakarma is a Sanskrit word that means “five treatments”.This is a process used to clean the body of toxic materials left by disease, poor nutrition and environmental toxins. Normally the body has the innate ability to efficiently process and remove these waste materials, including the vitiated doshas. However, due to one’s repeated dietary indiscretions, poor exercise patterns, lifestyle, and genetic predisposition, the dige...

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back and neck

Ayurgiri offers authentic Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain. Back pain is one of the most haunting disease conditions nowadays globally. Although pain anywhere in the back is known as back pain, usually it is connected to the vertebral column or the attached muscles. Back pain is now common after 40 both males and females. Ayurvedic Treatment for Back pain in Kerala includes both internal medications and external therapies. Internal medications i...

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skin diseases

The ancient healing tradition of Ayurveda is creating waves in the world of natural skincare. Industry leaders are touting the benefits of ayurvedic herbs like Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica), and spas offering ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies are sprouting up across the country. An ayurvedic expert from The Council of Maharishi Ayurveda Physicians says, "I am not surprised by this trend. Ayurveda has sophisticated knowledge to offer in the re...

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bone and joint

Joint pain is known as Sandhi Shoola according to Ayurveda. Causes include both internal and external factors. According to Ayurveda, joint & muscle pains are caused by the aggravation of Vata dosha (Air + Space biohumor). Ama associated with Vata quickly moves to different parts of the body and accumulates where circulation is sluggish or slow such as the hands, knees and other bone joints, filling the blood vessels with a waxy material. It ...

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paralysis, stroke rehabilitation

Paralysis is the complete loss of muscle function for one or more muscle groups. Paralysis can cause loss of feeling or loss of mobility in the affected area. Disruption of communication of nerve impulses anywhere along the pathway from the brain to the muscles can impair control of muscle movement and cause muscle weakness and loss of coordination. According to Ayurveda science, paralysis occurs when the Vata Dosha aggravates in the brain. Str...

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Beauty Therapy

Beauty Therapy is a very famous Ayurvedic facial therapy that can be characterized as a pure Ayurvedic skincare treatment. Beauty Therapy is also called as a skin protection therapy in which the face is massaged with herbal beauty oils or with natural herbal packs. This herbal natural pack contains various sorts of herbs, therapeutic plants, juices of plants, oils, ghee, decoction, fruits etc. are utilized, dissimilar to the facial in which chemi...

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